Modular intelligent coal preparation equipment
We provide you with high-quality coal washing efficiency, energy saving, environment-friendly products; save you a total investment of about 50%

Complete sets of washing equipment

Independent research and development

Supporting equipment

Efficient, energy saving, environmental protection

MKT series

screen air chamber jig

MKZ series

modular heavy medium coal preparation equipment

MKF series

of modular slime flotation equipment

MKH series

of slime and wet coal drying complete sets of equipment

We pursue:

Higher, more broad space for development;
Because of sincerity, we are professional;
Because of our progress, we are full of confidence;
Because of communication and cooperation, we draw closer;
Because to think farther, we have a broad mind;
Because of all this, we work together;
Common to the future.
Energy, for tomorrow to prepare; Xin Jia, for energy struggle!